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Whether you are brand new or have been around for a while, this page is designed to help you get answers to the questions we hear most often.  We are here to support you on your journey so please don't ever be afraid to reach out to us!  We love helping people!

Jodi & Britton Scheibe

Accessing your account

1. Go to or click Let's Go

2. Login using your username & password combo

Can't remember Username/Password

Username is generally your e-mail.  If that doesn't work, click the forgot username or password button and reset using your mobile phone. You will receive a text message from Pruvit which will include your correct username (verify you had it right) and a link to reset the password.  If the reset doesn't work, we recommend setting the password to 123456 to get access and you can then change it later in your settings tab.  If that still doesn't work then e-mail and we will help figure it out.

Change your referrer code

  • Everyone automatically gets assigned a random alphanumeric referrer code.  You will use this code to share your link and possibly earn free product so make it something personal to you and easy to remember.  You can customize it to whatever you like.  Then you will be able to send anyone who you find who is interested in ketones your personal links ( or and a few others)  

    • To change it, log into your account and in the upper right hand corner, find your name and click the drop down menu and select settings.  From there you will see the Referrer Code Section and click Edit. Now enter your desired code and click save changes.  (On mobile devices this section may be obscured by your name so click the gear icon again to clear it)

Check out the new products and flavors

Once you are in your account you can go to the Store Tab and select Shop Supplements!  When we started in 2017 there were only 2 flavors.  Now there are dozens and new ones coming out all the time!  Maybe you have never tried Keto NAT (main ketone product), Keto PRO (ketones and protein), Keto Black Label (30% more ketones and twice the caffiene), Keto UP (carbonated grab and go ketones), Mexican Ketones (liquid ketones in ampules), Keto Kreme (MCT, 4 types of Collagen, helps the body produce ketones), Mito-Plex (flavored and unflavored upgraded electrolytes), MCT/143 (best MCT on the market), Broth (ketones in bone broth), Signal OS (vitamins & DNA repair), and Keto Kick (its like a shot of ketones!)

You can also check out our site if you just want to see what's new.  If you add anything to your cart it will prompt you to log into your account!

Set up Smartship to get discounts/deals

Smartship is the key to getting up to 25% off monthly, getting access to deals strictly for smartship customers, and the ability to earn free ketones!  Plus, if you set it up, you can cancel it at ANY time and is very easy to manage.  To set it up just log into your account and find the my smartship section.  Click on set up smartship and it will process 30 days from the date you set it up.  Fully customizable, changeable, cancelable whenever you like with a money back guarantee!

Have you ever thought about sharing ketones?

We never thought we would do a business like this. But it is the best decision we have ever made. We have found a community of happy, positive people, who genuinely root for your success.  We get rewarded for helping other people find BETTER in their lives.  There are so many personal development and growth opportunities that literally anyone can do it and find positive benefits!  We'd love to chat about what promoting looks like and to lock arms with you every step of the way!  Maybe you know someone who might be interested and we love referrals!

E-mail us at

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