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  • What is the best way to get started?
    Most people begin with a 5 or 10 day experience. This will give you a chance to test drive the product and figure out what flavors you like before jumping in on a full box.
  • How come only 20 packets come in a box?
    Most people drink 1-2 packets a day so many people begin with 2 boxes of different flavors so they have a variety.
  • Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?
    Absolutely! Pruvit stands behind their products 100%. If within 30 days you are not satisfied you can e-mail customer support for a full refund. Unopened product can be returned for up to 90 days but once people know what being in ketosis feels like, they don't want to stop!
  • I have some friends who I think would like these as well. What should I do?
    We have the best customer referral program anywhere. If you are on smartship, you can send your personal link to anyone you think might be interested. If just two people decide to purchase through your link each month (through smartship and first time orders), you will earn Pruvit Bucks which can be used for free product. If you have more than a couple friends who are interested we should talk about what it means to becoming a promoter so you can actually have the opportunity to get paid for referring people!
  • Do I have to follow a keto diet to get into ketosis?
    Absolutely not. Ketones are diet independent and can be used with any preferred meal plan. They will help you with better energy, better mood, better sleep, better focus and fat loss. I can send you the science to prove it!
  • What makes these any different than any other keto product on the market?
    Our company Pruvit, holds the patent to the only bio-identical ketone supplement on the market. We hold over 8+ patents on our products and they will work the same as if your body produced it. Here is a video to help explain.
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