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The next Keto Reboot starts soon!
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So what exactly is the Keto Reboot! The short answer is it's a 60-hour controlled fast which is designed to reset your metabolism. What do you do when your computer is running a bit slowly?  You reboot it!  What about when your phone is acting up on you?  You reboot it!  Well with the Keto Reboot, we get to do the same thing with our bodies.

Short Term Benefits of Fasting for 60 Hours:

  • Cleanse your system

  • Fat Loss

  • Cut cravings for sugar and carbs

  • Autophagy (think recycling your body)

  • Better Recovery

  • Better Energy

  • Better Focus

  • Better Mental Clarity

Long Term Benefits of Fasting for 60 Hours:

  • Better Digestion

  • Better blood sugar control

  • Less swelling and bloating

  • Rev your metabolism

  • Better sleep

  • Overall better Well-being

What comes in the box:

Tap into signature breakthrough results with Prüvit’s doctor-formulated, multi-patented:

  • KETO//OS® NAT™ (4 packets/4 flavors) 

  • KETO//OS® PRO (1 packet)

  • BETTER// BROTH™ (4 packets/2 flavors)

  • SIGNAL//OS™ (30 capsules)

  • MITO//PLEX™ (3 packets)

When you purchase your Keto Reboot Kit you will gain access to the Private Facebook Group where you fill find your Reboot Resources.

Keto Reboot Schedule

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