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As a 45-year-old former professional baseball player, I figured my best days were behind me.  I was resigned to just not feeling like I did when I was younger.  Lack of energy and brain fog were the norm.  At 252 pounds, I was also at my all-time heaviest weight.  I was very skeptical that ketones would work for me, but I committed to drinking them for 30 days, but I swore I would not change my diet or exercise routine because I wanted to know if I had a positive result it was from the product and not lifestyle changes.  Well, I lost 8 pounds in the first month.  I went on to lose 30+ over the first 3 months.  3 years later I am still maintaining it.  THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT!  But it gave me the tools I needed to do that.  My appetite was drastically curbed.  I no longer craved sugar and carbs.  So instead of half a pizza I could eat only a few slices and be content.  My energy was back and my focus was improved as well.  Love my ketones!  











April 23, 2017, was my first day drinking ketones.  I drank a pack of Maui Punch in the morning, then left to play a Men’s Adult Baseball League game at 9 AM.  At 45 years old playing in an 18+ league, I was up to try anything which might give me more energy and better focus.  I did feel a little energy boost and just a little more spring in my step that game.  I played pretty well and we won a close game.  As soon as the game was over I had to hustle over to Ocean’s 11 Casino in Oceanside by 1 PM to compete in Day 2 of the San Diego Classic Poker Tournament of which 147 advanced out of 920 who started the tournament.  I settled in for what I hoped would be a long afternoon and evening of playing cards.  I consider myself to be a fairly good poker player.  I understand the math behind the game and feel I am pretty solid at reading people.  That being said my previous biggest win was for almost $4500 at the World Series of Poker a couple of years prior.  First place for this tournament was just under $50,000.  There were plenty of big-name professional poker players still alive in the event.  I settled in and started to play.  After a few hours, I just felt comfortable at the table.  My reads were good.  I had plenty of energy and focus. It seemed every move I made was at the right time and worked out well.  Once we made it into the money, the real tournament seemed to begin.  About 5 hours into the day I was around the middle of the 60 or so people left.  I could tell some of the other players were starting to wear down and get impatient.  Monster Energy Drinks and Red Bulls were being ordered all around me as they were looking for an energy spike to keep their attention.  Yet here I was, 10 hours after my day began and after playing a full baseball game, energized and laser-focused.  I normally would have been in the same boat as the others if not for the ketones that were coursing through my body, giving me a huge edge over the average player.  As the day went on, and my chip stack kept moving up, I stayed consistent as people around me started to drop.  I felt like Nostradamus at the table, almost seemingly always knowing if I was ahead or behind in each hand.  Every move I made was working, every read was good.  To say I was focused in would be an understatement.  I’d never experienced such a high level of energy this long into playing a poker session and it made me feel really comfortable and able to play my best.  About 8 hours after we started to play, we were down to the final 2 tables and I had the second-most chips in the room.  3 hours later shortly after midnight, I was the Chip Leader with 8 players left.  This was the best I’d ever played and I was guaranteed at least $5,000 for my $250 buy-in.  Over the next few hours, I took some unfortunate beats on the river find myself in 3rd place with 3 people left.  The chip leader was a professional player and a WSOP bracelet winner.  I was slightly behind the second-place stack and he eventually busted out to the chip leader.  So around 3 AM, over 13 hours after I started playing, after a 3-hour baseball game, I was heads up for a massive payday.  He had nearly 16.5 million in chips to my 3.5 million, but I went to battle.  I had chipped up to around 6 million when was all in with a straight draw and some over cards but eventually lost to top pair when my draw missed.  I turned my $250 investment into $26,190.  I attribute a huge amount of my success to my secret weapon in Ketones.  I’m not saying that everyone who drinks them will win $26,000 on their first day, but it will give you that little added edge you need to play to the best of your ability.  If better energy and better focus would give you an edge in your day, would you want it?

Poker Ketones


I have officially been on this journey for one year now! As of this morning, I have lost 88 pounds!

The person on the left was exhausted, overwhelmed with life, couldn’t think clearly, and facing a major health crisis.

Within four days of drinking Ketones, I got my brain back. I began thinking clearly and suddenly had energy again. Instead of coming home from work and laying down, I started going for walks. Fast forward to today, I go to the gym or do some form of exercise every day!

My sugar/carb addiction is gone! I have finally found a way of eating that my body THRIVES on! I am no longer ruled by food and sugar!

I am LIVING again...and thank God every day I am alive! I am 44 and READY FOR MORE!!!!   One day, or day one?


What do you know about ketones and ketosis?

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