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This page is designed for the all our amazing customers who have trusted us to guide them and maximize their ketone journey!  Use this page as a resource but don't forget we are here for you if you need to reach out directly.  We want to help!

    If you haven't yet purchased ketones through us and want to, just click below to purchase at

You have purchased ketones and now what?  If we haven't met you yet, you can text us at (858) 227-7199.  Let us know when your order arrives so we can walk you through your experience! This is what we do full time, so we are available to help!

  • ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT - Get to your pruvit account through your own personal back office page at

    • Make sure you write down your username (typically your e-mail address) and your password

  • CHANGE YOUR REFERRER CODE - Everyone automatically gets assigned a random alphanumeric referrer code, which you can customize to make sharing your link easier to remember and more personal to you.  Send it to anyone who is interested in ketones to get you on your way to earning free product.  Your personal link ( or and a few others)  

    • To change it, log into your account and in the upper right hand corner, find your name and click the drop down menu and select settings.  From there you will see the Referrer Code Section and click Edit. Now enter your desired code and click save changes.  (On mobile devices this section may be obscured by your name so click the gear icon again to clear it)

  • SET UP SMARTSHIP - CLICK HERE to see in detail how it works!  You access it through right from the home page.  This is recommended for EVERYONE! Smartship is the monthly auto order program. It is very easy to manage and there is no obligation to keep it on (the first one will send out and bill 30 days after it is set up so nothing will be charged now.) You will get an e-mail reminder prior letting you know it will ship a few days before and it can be turned off with one click of a button.  You get 22% off each order for as long as you keep it on.  It will also unlock monthly specials that are only available to smartship customers.  Once you have had 3 consecutive smartship orders process, Pruvit will send you an additional mystery box of free product.  But the best thing about being on smartship is that if you can earn FREE product! If two or more customers you refer purchase in single month using your personal link, you will earn the average of the top two purchases in Pruvit Bucks (PB)! If those customers stay on smartship, those PB will be used to pay for your smartship order and you will continue to earn them every single month.  You can also use the PB to create coupons for yourself for up to 50% off any regularly priced product or to give away to your friends, family, etc.  Ketones are great but FREE ketones are even better!

How To Drink Ketones

Technically there is no wrong way to drink ketones.  If you can drink fluids, you can drink ketones.  Most people start with 1 pack a day, typically in the morning, although you can drink them anytime.  You can drink them all at once or nurse over a few hours, but studies have shown the highest benefits when consumed within 30 minutes.  The ketones will stay in your blood stream from anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on your body type, but you will feel the benefits for longer than that.  As you get adjusted to being in ketosis, many will add a 2nd packet in the afternoon.  We have caffiene and decaf versions for people who may be sensitive to caffiene.  The energy from ketones doesn't have anything to do with the caffiene, but may it may make the ketones work a little bit faster in your body.  Please make sure you drink plenty of water!  People tend to get dehydrated quicker in ketosis, so your target is going to be your weight divided by two in ounces of water per day.  So if you weigh 160 pounds, you want to try to drink 80 ounces of water per day.  You can also add in Mitoplex, which is our upgraded electrolytes which will help with depletion of minerals in the body while in ketosis.  Everyones body is different so your results may not be the same as someone elses.  But if you drink your ketones, you will be in ketosis!  You will be able to test your blood to prove it!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, goals, success stories, etc.  We want to hear it all and we want to support you!

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