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How it all began...3 years ago today...

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The only way you change your life....

is to CHANGE your life. 🙏🏻

3 years ago TODAY I took that leap.

I swore I’d never do a few things..... drive a minivan... and be part of a network marketing company, just to name a few. I LOVED my swagger wagon (like LOVED) 🤣 and the decision I made 3 years ago to start this business has forever changed my life. 🙏🏻

I was tired ALL the time. No one knew how crappy I felt. I was working to help launch my brother’s nutrition company and raising 3 extremely busy kids. I struggled some days to just make it until 5:30 when Britton would be home and could take over with shuffling kids around. I was drinking Monster Energy drinks almost everyday. I slept horrible. I gained some weight.

Here’s the thing... after selling my kid’s old toys on Craigslist (yes it’s true) to try a “drink” that I called BS on at first, I couldn’t deny how amazing I felt. The nerd in me kept researching the science and everything kept checking out. I NEEDED to keep drinking this stuff. But I was broke. I literally had a come to Jesus moment making the decision to do this biz. It’s the only time I’ve ever heard a voice. And it was VERY clear. “What would you do with this if you knew you couldn’t fail?” 😱🙏🏻❤️

So I said YES. I said YES to something that scared me to death. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself at the time and then something incredible happened.

This community started breathing belief into me. They surrounded me, poured into me and changed my life. A year ago today, I was speaking on stage in Hong Kong. 🙌 THIS SAHM WHO HAD NO BELIEF IN HERSELF BEGAN TO STEP INTO WHO GOD ALWAYS SAW ME AS.

My kids watched me (they’re always watching) and kept saying, “I’m so proud of you.”

They watched their Dad lose 30 lbs and start to feel amazing.


I started to remember the dreams I had again for ME and started to step back into the gifts God gave me in life. It all started with a drink but became so so much more. My kids got to watch their Mom take chances, step up to lead and manifest my own dreams for my life.

Times are not easy right now. They’re not. I feel it so much too. I have a senior in high school just struggling. 💔 My husband just lost his Dad and his biz is currently shut down. 💔

I know times are hard. But I know for a fact that if times weren’t hard for me 3 years ago, I never would have made this leap. What if... what if... these hard times led you to something new like they led me?

We get one shot at this thing called life.


And my decision three years ago TODAY changed everything for me. 🙏🏻

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