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Low Carb Bell Pepper Nachos

llll Low Carb Bell Pepper Nachos llll

You know you love nachos! But it is just so hard to eat them with all the high carbs from the tortilla chips! With this dish we ditch the chips for some yummy, crunchy bell pepper slices! You can load them up with all your favorite toppings and trust me you will not be disappointed! Quick and delicious!


· 3 Bell Peppers

· 1 Pound Lean Ground Beef (we use grass fed from Costco)

· ½ White Onion Diced

· 3 Garlic Cloves Diced

· 1 TSP Garlic Powder

· ½ TSP Cumin

· ½ TSP Chili Powder

· Salt & Pepper to taste

· 1 TBS Fresh Parsley

· 1 Cup Shredded Cheese


1. Sautee white onions for 2 minutes

2. Add garlic to pan for 1 additional minute

3. In a separate pan, cook ground beef until browned and drain, then add onions & garlic to meat

4. Add garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, parsley, salt and pepper to mixture.

5. Slice bell peppers into 8 strips per pepper and line a baking sheet.

6. Add meat mixture into and on top of bell peppers.

7. Add 1 Cup of shredded cheese on top

8. Bake for 5-10 minutes at 400 degrees

9. Optional toppings – Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Cilantro

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Bell Pepper Nachos
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